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Italia Group International

We're committed to providing top-notch, Italian-made products with the highest safety and efficiency.

Italia Group International is one of the leading distributors in Italy's industrial, engineering, and technological products that keep your life and business moving. We offer innovative solutions adapted to all your needs with an extensive line of high-quality Italian-made products that are safe, reliable, and eco-friendly mobility ones, with a strong presence in every country and wherever you go.

We Lift… You Rise…

Made in Italy

Our Mission

We’re committed to providing top-notch, Italian-made products with the highest safety and efficiency.

Our Vision

Implementing and providing innovation and different solutions to meet our clients’ objectives and expectations.

Our Core Values

Our five Core Values have shaped our corporate culture since the very beginning and they are relevant to our culture throughout our long history.


We keep our promises and treat others with respect, simply we say what we mean.


Exploring opportunities in challenges with accepting responsibility towards our society and our environment.


We are partners acting with your success in mind ,take initiative, and see change as an opportunity.


We aim for innovation not only in our company but also in the way we approach all aspects of our business.


We strive for clarity and consistency, make decisions quickly and pragmatically and focus on what’s essential.

IGI Lift We are the elevators experts with Italian excellence

IGI Lift committed to providing our customers with the highest quality elevator and lift parts, accessories, supplies, and components for more than 20 years offering the highest level of customer and after-sales services, along with competitive prices.

IGI Lift is heading to give a hand to all the Arab companies that wish to purchase mechanical elevator components from the best Italian manufacturing companies with a guarantee of their originality, quality, and product authenticity while providing consulting services in choosing the most appropriate product for you.

We can help Arab companies who do not have direct knowledge with Italian suppliers not only with purchasing but being the biggest importer for the lift’s parts and components. You can depend on our experienced technical department to carry out studies and designs of complete elevators suitable to all your needs, and carefully select the best among the Italian suppliers of elevators.

We have a deep knowledge of the market characteristics in the field of elevators and many years of experience and relation with the most important Italian companies in the elevator field allowing us to know their strengths and characteristics from SICOR, Red Cavi, ITAL GEARS, LIFTEQUIP, GUSTAV WOLF, METAL PRESS, FINDER, PIZZATO, STEM, FITRE, SESTEM LIFTE, ALBATOSASE CMA, CMF, CMM, Selcom, Montanari, Vega, Teci, Monteferro, Gem and others.

IGI Lift provide below Services.

Qualified technical advice

IGI Lift carries numerous service solutions powered by their knowledgeable, experienced team from consulting services to upgrading packages as well as purchasing diverse to assist in your current and future projects.

Original Italian products

IGI Lift manages and arrange the shipment of elevator components directly from the manufacturers while monitoring every stage of transportation until delivery to eliminate the risk of counterfeiting and guarantee the authenticity of the product.

Assist and support The Arabic partners

Based on our direct knowledge of all Italian companies and the characteristics of their products, as well as our familiarity with the Arab and North African markets. IGI Lift is your trusted Italian, Arabic, and African partner that you can rely on, we’ll put all of our trustworthy skills and knowledge at your fingertips.

Shipping Services Assistance

We provide goods delivery services abroad and Managing logistics services with Guarantee that all the products that are shipped directly from the manufacturer. Ensuring each part is original and manufactured in Italy. Freight is constantly monitored at all stages with Providing after-sales services.

Maintenance contracts and Training

In addition, our team acts as a liaison for all manufacturing and producing companies in terms of elevator maintenance and training courses.

Our Partners.

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